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 Where is my Light?

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Where is my Light? Empty
PostSubject: Where is my Light?   Where is my Light? EmptySat Aug 05, 2017 10:40 am

Ok, so I'm having trouble seeing and this idea for a short story popped up in my head.  It's been quite a while since I last wrote a story so this may not be very good and I do have to give a heads up that a certain character may be very OOC.  But with the way I've been feeling and all, yeah.  Anyway, enjoy.  ^^  (And yeah, I'll admit that if my real life Yusei were to appear before me, I'd be very tempted to run away with him.  :/)

Where is my Light?

Here I am, sitting on this park bench, the tears streaming down my cheeks.  I can’t stop crying.  Everything in my life was perfect; it was going great.  I had wonderful friends, a loving, supportive family (for the most part), and the most amazing boyfriend.  Then it fell apart.  Ok, let me make a correction.  Most of it was together but the boyfriend part fell apart.  When we were first together, he was so kind, loving, supporting, understanding but now he insults me, demands my presence, doesn’t think about what’s best for me, or doesn’t care about my feelings.  Heck, he probably wouldn’t care if I died.  Thus, here I am crying my eyes out, seeing no hope.  I just want it all to end.  I want to either kill myself or forget everything, especially him.  I can’t see any way out.  Even I can’t believe that I’m somehow holding it together even though I just want to forget everything and wish I never existed. 
As I continue to cry, suddenly, I feel this presence approach me.  Warily, I turn in the direction and see a young man with black, spiky hair and golden highlights and the most amazing cobalt eyes approach me.  Even though I never met him before now, he feels familiar, he feels safe.  His eyes gaze at my face and his face immediately turns to one of concern and worry.  Without permission, he takes a seat next to me but neither of us speaks right away.  I don’t know why he approached me but in a way, I’m glad that I’m no longer alone with my dark thoughts.  Wanting to break the silence, I finally say,
“Um, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but who are you and why are you here with me?”
The young man smiles softly and replies, “Call me Yusei and I saw you enter this park earlier.  I wanted to approach you right then but I didn’t want to scare you.  You seem familiar to me, and no, that wasn’t a come on line.  I just feel like I know you from somewhere.”
I nod and reply, “Yeah, I feel the same, too.  Weird, huh?”
He nods and then replies, “Indeed.  I won’t beat around the bush so I’ll ask this.  Why are you upset?  You don’t have to say anything if you feel uncomfortable talking to me about it.  I mean, we only just met.”
I nod and replied, “Yeah, true, but I feel like I can trust you so I’ll tell you.  Oh and I guess I should introduce myself, huh?”
Then I went on talking to Yusei, telling him about myself and all the problems I’ve been dealing with up until now.  Yusei listened patiently to me, letting me talk uninterrupted, allowing me to express myself however I wished.  I would take brief pauses, as I needed to catch my breath and there was a lot to talk about.  However, after I was done, Yusei said,
“Yes, I see.  You are in quite a predicament and I can understand why you were crying.  Listen, I’m not going to tell you what others have told you.  I will tell you, though, that everyone deserves to be happy and not to be hurt like you have.  I can tell and feel that you are a wonderful person, the best I have met, and that your heart is so pure and so giving.  You are kind, selfless, all the qualities that others should honestly strive for and yet this boyfriend of yours hurts you like that?  I’d confront him right now if he were right here and tell him off.  He’s so stupid to think that you’re this awful, evil person just because you don’t do everything that he wishes.  You’re a human being.  You have your own feelings, your own thoughts, and I can tell that you don’t act maliciously, unlike some morons out there.  He should give you space and should try to understand you more.  I-I mean, I don’t understand relationships myself since I’ve never been in one but yeah, that’s what I think.”
I nod and reply, “Yeah, I understand.  I mean, I’ve tried to work things out with him in the past but then he behaves like such a child.  One of my female friends told me that guys tend to act like kids.  Is that true?”
Yusei laughed quietly and replied, “Some do, that’s true.  I think your boyfriend falls into that category.  It doesn’t help that he’s younger than you and you’re clearly more mature than him from all that you’ve told me.”
I sighed and replied, “I just don’t know what to do.  I really have tried to work things out with him and he says that he loves me but then he does these things and I don’t know what to think.  I thought he was my soul mate but do soul mates hurt each other like this?  If this is what love actually is, I wish I had never fallen in love and I don’t ever want to love again, not if it means I’d be in tears constantly.  It’s not worth it.”
As I felt a fresh wave of tears, Yusei looked straight into my eyes and said, “Hey, don’t think that.  So things are rough.  Again, I can’t say since I’ve never been in a relationship.  Heck, I’ve never fallen in love but I can say this.  You deserve the best.  You deserve to feel that kind of incredible, sweet, passionate love that is kind, selfless, generous, and that lasts for eternity.  I know you do.  I can understand if you’re skeptical of what I’m saying since we’ve only just met.  But I feel the goodness in you, the purity of your heart, your soul, and you deserve the best ever with someone who can be gentle, kind, sweet, loving, passionate…”
As he trailed off, his eyes had this faraway, dreamy gaze and I couldn’t help but blush deeply.  I had to admit that I was developing some kind of feelings for Yusei, despite that we just met.  But at the same time, I was feeling guilt, too, because it was wrong to feel like this when I was still with my boyfriend.  As though sensing my conflicting feelings, Yusei then said, “Hey, I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.  I was simply speaking the truth.  I have a crazy idea, though.  Want to hear it?”
I raised an eyebrow and reply, “Ok, I’m open to suggestions.”
Yusei smiled a bit and said, “Let me kidnap you.”  He then went on to explain his plan of how he would take me far away to a remote place where it would be just the two of us.  He did make it a point to say that he wouldn’t push anything on me, that taking me away would allow me time to think on my own without anyone’s interference and that he wanted to get to know me better.  Despite that my common sense told me that this was a crazy idea, my heart really wanted to go through it.
 I said, “You know that’s crazy, don’t you?”
Yusei replied, “I do but it’s a good plan.  I have to admit that it would benefit me so there is that.  I mean, I’d like to be your friend but I don’t want to push anything on you.  It’s just that I want to get to know you better, as I’ve been feeling this connection between us, and after you told me about your problems, I figured that my plan might be of use.  But I’ll understand if you want to stay where you are.  It just might be harder to figure things out with everyone else interfering, you know?”
I nod and reply, “True.”  My face had this thoughtful look as I contemplated Yusei’s plan.  Still, it was a crazy plan but how with everything in my life going crazy at the moment, I figured it was better than my ideas of killing myself or getting complete amnesia.  I stand and nodding confidently, I say,
“Ok, let’s do it.  Kidnap me.”

Yusei grinned and taking my hand, he and I ran towards his motorcycle.  I got on behind him and, holding onto his waist, I felt the wind in my hair and this incredible sense of freedom.  True, I guess I was running away from my problems but I told myself that I would have time to think and in the meantime, I would get to know Yusei better and to figure out how he could feel so familiar to me.  I wonder if he is the soul mate I’m supposed to be with but fate intervened and he and I didn’t meet until now or if it was something else.  However, I would have plenty of time to figure all of it out.

Where is my Light? Phoenixsiggie_zps3af022aa

Thank you for making my new set, Love.  ^^
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Miss Nile
Miss Nile

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Where is my Light? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where is my Light?   Where is my Light? EmptySun Aug 06, 2017 3:46 am

Aww the beginning of the story is sad but at least Yusei was there for the main character and who knows, maybe he turns out to be her true soulmate in the end. XD

And just like the main character was able to find someone to help her out and cheer her up, hopefully things can work out in the same way for you as well, phoenix. ^^

Where is my Light? Untitled-1
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Where is my Light?
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